Shake'n Fork - Powered Manure Fork

The Berto Shake'N Forks(tm) are incredibly effective manure forks for picking up after your horse.  They are high quality tools for horse owners looking for an alternative to low cost forks that prematurely break tines. 

For cleaning up bedded indoor stalls, the powered Shake'N Fork looks and feels similar to a conventional fork, but it has a small motor and rechargeable battery to produce a unique shaking motion.  This patented feature automatically separates the manure from the bedding.  The shaking action reduces your physical effort to a fraction of a normal fork, allowing cleaner stalls and less bedding waste.

Shake'N forks are truly amazing modern conveniences engineered to make manure cleaning almost effortless.

The Shake'n Fork powered manure fork can be used in a conventional fashion, but when the variable speed trigger is depressed with your thumb it actuates a small motor, smoothly shaking only the basket.  There are virtually no vibrations into the handle; only the fork tines shake. 

Amazingly, it is unnecessary for the person holding the manure fork to do any manual shaking.  This feature results in less fatigue, cleaner stalls, and a far smaller volume of manure and bedding to dispose.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 7540544
Invention Status: Patented, Manufactured, For sale

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May 17, 2012
by Anonymous

What the .....

HUH! Would anyone really buy this for over $150? It takes longer for this thing to separate the manure from the fork than it would by shaking it manually. I wonder how many they sold, if any!!!!!