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Shrinkins - Art for Medical Products

Shrinkins was developed to help children and adults of all ages get through the healing process with a smile!

Simply wrap the skin around the item to be decorated, tape the seam and shrink it with your hairdryer. It's that easy! Shrinkins are temporary, reuseable and will leave no sticky residue after removal.

Each Shrinkins kit includes 

2 -11x17 Shrinkable Skins,4 Tape Strips anddirections on how to get started decorating!

Maybe you want to decorate grandma's walker or grandpa's cane, it doesn't matter who it's for, this new patent-pending product is for everyone-- even pets! In minutes you could be on your way to ...  





So, don't spend your healing time frustrated and disappointed.  Spend it showing off your new creation! Within minutes you can be the envy of all your friends!


Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: publication number US-2009-0107615-A1
Invention Status: Ready to market

Keywords: Medical Aparattus Skins Decorate Casts Wheelchairs Crutches
Mar 4, 2010
by Anonymous

This is cool!

That's really cool, now casts and wheel chairs and stuff won't be typical/boring!!!

Mar 27, 2010
by Anonymous


i could use this... i broke my ankle last week and now i have a boring old cast on my foot and boring old crutches and it's TORCHUREEE!