Sizzling Pepper Griddle - Cookware for Jalapeno Peppers

Exciting new griddle is designed for preparing the perfect jalapeno appetizers or entrees. Fix healthy appetizers without the fat and trans fats of deep-fried poppers.

In this specially designed griddle, the peppers - filled with your choice of fillings (beef,chicken,pork,seafood,cheeses,or vegetables) - becomes milder and sweeter tasting. Don't miss out on this truly wonderful product.

This griddle is 9" in diameter with eight rounded depressions made especially for jalapenos. It is designed to fit the large burner on your cook-top (gas or electric) and can also be used in the oven or your BBQ grill. The cast iron pre-seasoned design retains the heat needed to blister the pepper properly and allow liberal fillings of the stuffing so they will remain upright with out spilling. There are an unlimited number of fillings or combination of fillings that can be used. Because you make the choice of filling, it's a great fit for meat eaters, vegetarians, or dieters as well.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: US D546,117S
Invention Status: Design patent issued with utilty pending

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