Skate Fusion 2 in 1

The new Skate fusion 2 in 1 is the best way to have fun in two different devices, ideal for kids who are first learners on skateboards as same for kids who enjoy to use skateboards as same as scooters.

The Skatefusion 2 in 1 has a head tube pivot assembly with a push bar, the head tube is able to be pivotally received under the skateboard, the lever, the push bar and the rockers are simultaneously moveable relative to the head tube, such that a hook under the skateboard is able to detachably engage with one end of a limit pin to release or secure the head tube under the skateboard, when the head tube is on the skateboard is able to rotate the wheels and could be used as a scooter, while is under of the skateboard the wheels are locked and straight without move and could be used just as skateboard, that is why anyone could use the skatefusion 2 in 1 as skateboard same as scooter

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 61/336,667
Invention Status: Patent pending

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