SKIDS - In-Line Skate Brake

I noticed a problem when in-line skates first came out. People were hurting themselves while trying to stop on these skates. I realized a way to design a brake for the front of the skate that allowed a much quicker and safer learning curve when it came to stopping. It also became versatile with being able to stop going forward or backward.

Being a great demonstrational product allowed me to create commercials that received top advertising awards like the Cleo awards and several others. SEE THE AWARD WINNING SPOTS ON MY WEBSITE AND SEE IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHO THE VOICE OVER IS ON THE COMMERCIALS. (Discovery Channel)

Skids is a bracket that mounts to the inside of the in-line skate blade The material is a glassed filled product called Zytel designed by Dupont inc. My design required that I put channels in the bracket to apply more strength and less material. The bumper is designed to allow you to drag your toe for stopping and is made out of urethane from the kryptonics corp. It’s the same material used for skate wheels. It has to have several durameters of hardness for indoor and outdoor use. We also had to take in the factor of rebound in the material so it wouldn’t bounce when trying to drag it on the ground.


Bobby Amore American inventor finalist
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Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 6,047,973
Invention Status: manufactured, license and sold worldwide

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Mar 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

sorry for delay

I'm sorry for the delay on posting the award winning commercials to my site.I should have them up shortly.{might help new finalist with ideas. Maybe I should have skated on TV's AMERICAN INVENTOR with my tonerbelt. it might have been great TV and I would have finished it with a flip. Yup! that's what I should have done.
just having fun!Bobby Amore

Jul 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Bad idea

The brake is supposed to be on the back of inline skates so kids don't take a header if they toe-brake too hard. This has "chin stitches" written all over it.

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

I roller skate for years and

I roller skate for years and using brakes on the front is a very stupid idea.