Sleep Bright - Write On and Glow in the Dark Sheets

The glow in the dark write on sheets, makes sleeping fun and easier to enjoy (made for all ages).

Before you go to bed, you can write and draw your favorite characters, animals, thoughts and ideas, then watch them come to life as the light up your room.

Expand your creativity, with Sleepbright. The only sheet you can write on. It never smudges, and never fades away. No mess, no stains, just fun! You can use it as a drawing board, a journal, a reminder, or just to write. While you sleep it glows.

Sleeping has never been more fun. It comes in white, blue, green, and black. Writes in blue, neon green, pink, and purple. ( White writes in baby blue, blue writes in neon-green, green writes in pink and black writes in purple). This product is not limited to these colors and is recommended to all.

If you want more information on these Sleepbright Sheets, please contact me at or through

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 61853883
Invention Status: Looking to license this idea

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Mar 4, 2010
by Anonymous

Coooollll! <3

This is really cool, just make it not expensive! (: