Spazzstick; Caffeinated Lip Balm

Coffee in your pockets staining your favorite shirts? Smearing Jolt on your lips not protecting you from chapped lips? Here's the solution: Spazzstick! The original caffeinated lip balm! The caffeine absorbs directly into your blood stream through your lips! Spazzstick contains lots and lots and lots of caffeine. Short of direct arterial injection, it's been proven that the fastest way to get caffeine into your blood stream is straight through your lips. Spazzstick was invented by an Alaskan Police Officer who needed to stay awake and keep his lips protected. It was an inevitable combination!
Invention Status: Invented and currently being sold!

Keywords: caffeine, lip balm, cool
Jul 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Name Change?

Hi there - great idea - would go down well here in the UK.

London is caffine mad!

However - the name "spazz" is considered VERY offensive here - you  may want to think about that!