The compact Spotlight is a convenient solution for when you need some extra light. Whether it's changing a tire, searching for lost items or locating your keys, the Spotlight will always be at its peak power. Due to the clever charging system, your vehicle's 12 volt power outlet (cigarette lighter) the Spotlight is always charged, ready to help and within reach.

Spotlight was awarded runner-up for best new interior accessory at SEMA 2007. The award was presented by Speedway Illustrated founder Dick Berggren at the New Product Awards Breakfast. In making the awards, SEMA focuses on outstanding achievements in the development of a product, in particular: product potential, innovativeness, consumer appeal, quality & workmanship and technology.

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world and represents a $36 billion specialty automotive industry. The industry provides appearance, performance, comfort, convenience and technology products for passenger cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs and recreational vehicles. SEMA is the authoritative source of research data, trends and market growth information for automakers and the specialty auto products industry.

“The spotlight is a convenient solution for when you need some extra light” explained Bill Reimann, President of Weiguo Solutions. “It’s a matter of comfort and safety always knowing you have a flashlight charged and at the ready for a road-side emergency. It’s also pretty cool that it comes in a variety of colors.”

Weiguo Solutions is also launching several accessories to Spotlight in 1st Qtr 2008. Home Helper will be a wall socket adapter that keeps Spotlight handy in your garage, kitchen or basement. Super Socket allows and extra socket for your other rechargeable devices in your car and ensures fit of Spotlight into any 12 volt power outlet. Fender Friend is trip-pod with a flexible neck and a magnetic base that holds the Spotlight while you change a tire or work under the hood.

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Patent Status: Patent Pending

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Mar 20, 2009
by Anonymous

patent pending?

luxury Euro automobiles have had this for years

Oct 4, 2011
by Anonymous

yours is smaller

.. but radio shack was selling the same idea about 8 years ago.

I prefer yours because of the size.