Lawn Sprinkler Runoff Conservation System

Sprinkler Runoff Conservation System  

Field of Invention           

This invention relates to the field of lawn sprinkler systems more specifically to systems for minimizing the unnecessary use of irrigation water and collecting and recycling water distributed by sprinkler systems. 

Background of the Invention           

In many areas automatic lawn sprinkler systems are used to water lawns and gardens.  These systems use enormous amounts of potable water, a sizable portion of which is not absorbed and used efficiently by plants that the systems water, but rather ends up as runoff.  This runoff exits lawns and flower beds through drainage piping and systems that divert the runoff into streets, sewers and eventually oceans, rivers and streams.  As water for irrigating and drinking becomes increasingly scarce, systems to conserve and recycle irrigation water become increasingly desirable.  It is estimated that 83 trillion gallons of water are used for irrigation each year in the United States alone.  If even 3%-5% of this amount could be collected and recycled, the savings would be significant.  The present invention addresses this problem.  Various water collection systems have been developed by inventors.

  It is an objective of the present invention to provide a system for collecting runoff from lawn and garden sprinkler systems that include in ground drainage piping. It is a further objective to provide a system that is integrated with a water supply system insure that sufficient water is available for redistribution to lawns and gardens.  It is a still further objective of the invention to provide a conservation system that measures relative moisture at delivery sites and only provides watering when the moisture content of the soil reaches a predefined level.  It is another objective to provide a system that senses a pressure drop in an irrigation line and closes off water flow to that line. Finally, it is an objective of the present invention to provide a system for collecting runoff from lawn and garden sprinkler systems that can be economically manufactured, installed and operated and that is durable and simple to use.            While some of the objectives of the present invention are disclosed in the prior art, none of the inventions found include all of the requirements identified.  ABSTRACTThe system includes a water source, tubing sections, sprinkler heads and a drainage system that collects excess water from the sprinklers and provides a gravity-fed path to a collection point at a sump below the collection point.  A sump pump is located within the sump and supplies pressurized water to the sprinkler system.  A water line is controlled by a level shutoff switch, and provides water to the sump, filling it prior to operation of the sump pump and the sprinkler system.   A timer controls the level shutoff switch, causing the sump to be filled at a predetermined time.  The timer controls the pump providing water to the sprinkler system after the predetermined time for a predetermined duration.  A pressure sensor is fluidly connected to the system between the sump pump and the sprinkler head and electrically connected to the timer and the pump, cutting power when system pressure drops.More details at:
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