Stretch and Press Portable Gym

The Stretch & Press (SAP) is designed and used to take the place of a full gym that is completely portable and needs nothing more than a doorway to work.

It builds muscles by stretching the muscles then isolating them to direct your work out to the body part of choice. While working with the SAP your heart rate will rise because your always in the vertical upright position, sparking your metabolism, this causes you to burn fat and lose weight. SAP weighs in at fewer than 2 pounds and replaces over 1000 pounds of dead weight found in most commercial or home gyms.

The SAP isolates every muscle worked: CHEST: inner and outer, vertical and horizontal pectoral muscles; ARMS: biceps, triceps, forearms; BACK: stretches, builds then promotes the famous V shape.

Every exercise isolates and works upper, lower, inner and outer shoulder muscles. Also the SAP can adapt to use with Olympic weight plates you already have at home for additional exercises like squats, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, isolated arm curls and more.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Sold online and also selected fitness stores

Keywords: Stretch and press portable gym, fitness, atheletics, exercise, fitness, weights, weight training
Dec 18, 2007
by Body Solid (not verified)

Interesting,,,,,, If there

Interesting,,,,,, If there where better Illustration pictures and your wording moved around a little this product could be licensed if that's what you had in mind. This equipment is marketable, I sent over my contact information please contact me ASAP with your patent information and sells records.