Sunsure is an easy to use device for the early recognition of sunburn. Many people stay in the sun until redness starts to appear. Damage to the skin starts much earlier, but cannot be detected by the naked eye. If skin changes to red when looked at through the sunsure detection lens, it is time to seek protection from the sun.
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Patent Number: PCT/EP99/05665
Invention Status: Developed and on sale

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May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for SunSure

Vac Homes
B7B Inns
Cruise Liners
AANR Clubs-
FKK clubs.
Superclubs, Caribbean Area
Boating Market.
Rec Boating

Link to sales with SUNBLOCK lotions alone.

I use SunBlock & have NO way how much time I have in Sun to get Tan vs Burn.

This device is needed IE in these locales:
HI, Mexico, Australia, SE Asia, Med Sea, EU, Greece, Western US,
So Pacific area.

Id link Sales to:

Swimwear & Towels
Resort stores
Other mail order
Stores like RITE AID, CVS PHARMACY, markets, COSTCO, SAMS CLUB for US etc.

All Hotels in Mex, HI, Caribbean, FL should have in Hotel store PX area.

& Skin Cancer MD offices for Sale alone.

See WEBMD site for sales etc on Sunsure.