Super Rider Bicycle

This revolutionary bike is designed to use outdoors. The Super Rider bike lets you use your arms and legs to move forward. This bike gives you the best workout ever and you can ride with pleasure too. When riding this bike you use a group of muscles that gives strength for the arms and legs. The Front wheel is the driving-wheel used for the arms. Specially designed axle assembly cranks and rods change the reciprocating to the rotary motion and at the same time let you control steering. Both sides of the wheels have rods and cranks that evenly distribute the power of the arms and that gives you smooth steering. The back wheel is the driving-wheel for the legs. The front of the bike has a specially designed flywheel to store Kinetic energy to help move the crank and rods. This fly wheel would feature slim bars on each side which would be extended from the axle to the outer portion of the bicycle spokes, each bar-like extension would feature a short cross member or brace at its end, which would allow the extension to be secured to the spokes near the outer perimeter of each wheel. One side of the flywheel is heavier which prevents the bikes rods and cranks to stop at a dead point. Leading from each of the flywheels bar-like extension would be a three piece pivoting rod assembly , which would include vertical upright support at its top. This up right would be affixed to the bikes handle bars via a pivoting hinge which would allow a rider to push and pull the upright forward and backward .The front wheel has the freewheel used to spin freely in one direction and lock in the other. This allows the rider to either use their arms or not to use their or arms. This bike is made from steel pipes but it could be made from aluminum which is light weight. How its used: You start riding the bike with your feet to get speed and at about 10-15mph you can start using you hands by pushing the handles back and forth. Also you can use both your hands and feet at the same time to ride.The brake is at the back wheel and you use the pedals to stop. But I have a model that uses the hands for the brake.
Invention Status: patent pending