Swing'N Load: Cargo Management System

Now you can load all of your groceries, luggage, salesman samples, files, your laptop and any similar cargo RIGHT ON TOP OF THE TAILGATE! No need to reach into the bed past that tailgate. The Swing 'N Load will contain all cargo loaded into it, no more chasing your apples around the bed. No more spilling your grocery bags and needing to climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve them.You say "but what if I need to haul something larger, won't the Swing 'N Load be in the way"? NO! The Swing 'N Load will lift off of it's pin hinge system and hang on your garage wall until you need it again! There are no tools requires to remove it! The Swing 'N Load "Swings" into the bed of your truck like closing a door. There are lift off hinges that attach the box to the bracket that mounts to the side of the bed. The other end of the box has a wheel to carry the weight. Simple yet effective way to make life easier! I made and sold several Swing'N Load units from 16ga steel and coated them with bed liner. I am looking for a progressive company to take this to the next level, maybe convert them to plastic. I am most interested in licensing the rights but may consider a partner or investor. Check for more photos and a video on my website: www.SwingNLoad.com and then give me a call or send a email and we will talk!
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 20050127699
Invention Status: Full Utility Patent

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