Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier

Take-A-Seat is the world's first vehicle-mounted collapsible chair. It attaches to the vehicle's receiver hitch while in use and travel. The unit converts to a handy 3-place bike rack and a cargo/cooler carrier.

Future options will include a shade cover, cup holder and even 12-volt heat! Easy removal of the fabric allows anyone to change colors to their favorite team. Take-A-Seat is adjustable for vehicles of varying heights and offers a clever tilt feature for easy access to all vehicle liftgates. Take-A-Seat utilizes a sturdy steel frame and an all-weather outdoor fabric.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6,739,643
Invention Status: Now available!!

Keywords: Tailgating Bench, Cooler/Cargo Carrier, Bike Rack
Jun 21, 2007
by kevin curtis white (not verified)

about Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo C

i think it's a very cool idea

Jun 23, 2007
by Dogpatch (not verified)

Take a seat

Awesome Idea! 

I can't wait to buy one.  My husband and I go camping quite often and this would be a perfect addition...no bugs crawing up the legs of the chairs.



Jul 21, 2007
by porkchop

Very Creative

This is pretty neat.  When will they be in stores?  I am interested in the seat mainly.  Are there any accessories or does it come with everything?


Jul 21, 2007
by 5rocks
5rocks's picture

Take-A-Seat accessories

Yes, the unit does come with everything included.  No additional items are needed.  What you see is what you get.  The seating material is part of the bike rack as well as the cargo carrier.  I wanted to include everything right from the start so people know they are getting a great deal.

 Thanks for asking Pork,


Aug 30, 2007
by Jaguar XJ6/XJ40 Radiator (not verified)

that's great features!

that's great features! reminds me of a pickup with full load cargo capacity.. loved that, lol just perfect for trips and pikniks!!


Dec 12, 2007
by expatgal
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great idea, would love ot hear your story


I'm brand new to the site and am inspired by your great idea and your latest news. I have a consumer product invention (TM on the name and provisional patent) that I attempted to license a few years ago; my potential licnsor had a technical issue with production and so we didn't go forward. I was living overseas at the time so I didn't present the idea to any other companies.

 Technology has advanced since then and I believe the design issue is now solvable. However, I am in a quandary this time whether to try licensing again or to bite the bullet and manufacture the product myself. I've been in advertsing for many years so I have some marketing know-how, but know very little about bookkeeping, shipping, etc. Do you have any advice or warnings? Would you do anything differently if you had to do it over again? what do you like about having produced your own invention rather than selling the idea to someone else?

I'm sure you're busy getting your myriad of Xmas orders out,Wink so I'll understand if you're slow to reply. Also, if you've posted a blog or something earlier that I've missed that documents your road to where you are now, please point me to it so i can see how it's done!

Thanks -- you're my hero!!



"Life is a romantic comedy."

Nov 18, 2009
by devvon

yea good idea

but i hope it does not incourage people 2 ride on that while vehicle is in motion, yikes daveanne@shaw.ca