Take-Along Tether - Baby Accessory

The Take-Along Tether was designed to work with virtually any child item (teether, toy, stuffed animal, sippy cup, bottle, etc) to attach to any seating device (highchair, stroller, shopping cart, car seat, baby sling, etc) to keep childrens' items from getting dirty or lost when dropped or thrown. It also converts easily to a child tether offering the caregiver a hands-free safety system to keep children safe from wandering off.
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Actively selling and evaluating licensing options

Keywords: item tether, baby gift, harness, germfree, toys, baby, toddler, child, stuffed animal, bottle, sippy cup
Mar 3, 2009
by Anonymous

good idea

good idea

Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Leashes are great

Why is it that there are leash laws for intelligent, affectionate, and non-demonized dogs with the intelligence level of five-year-old children but it's considered wrong to leash young children who have better physiology (and less sense) when it comes to getting themselves into trouble? I like this idea. God knows how many times I've seen kids fling things out of shopping carts repeatedly, and while the parent is distracted it would be a really great opportunity for a sinister bystander to do something to an unwatched sibling.