t&b Clip

Much like the old t-shirt clips and loops used back in the 80s or the traditional brooch, this clip will solve the same problem of loose clothing that these older products were used for.  But the t&b clip's unique design and use of magnet technology makes this modern clip much more effective. 

The t&b clip's modern scalloped design fits the curve of a woman's waist and looks stylish in silver or black, but the flat surface also allows for a variety of embellishments like hanging charms and beadings to add even more personal style.   

One clip can be used to solve many common clothing problems faced by women. Making off-the-rack clothing fit better or clothes that are too large after a recent weight loss; the t&b Clip tightens loose clothing where needed for a better fit and appearance. 

The Clip secures wrap type clothing in the desired location without shifting, regardless of fabric weight and without damage to the material; it secures belts, scarves, wraps and sarongs better than a knot and adds more style. And yes...the clip can be used for hair, and women with thin hair in particular have told us that the powerful magnet holds where traditional clips fall off thin, fine hair.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Website e-commerce, SoCal retail mall kiosk, artists/crafters Etsy sites featuring clip

Keywords: magnetic clothing clip contour tighten belt scarves sarongs
Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

One word: UGLY!

One word: UGLY!