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World's Smartest Beach Bag

A round beach towel that easily converts into a carry bag with a pull of a drawstring. It's a round beach towel/blanket. It quickly and easily converts from a towel to a bag thanks to the ingenious but simple drawstring woven at the perimeter.

Krafty Kathy's Cake & Cookie Kits

"Birthday" Interactive cake kit & "Birthday" Snow Globe Kits.Krafty Kathy's cake and cookie kits are "PERFECT" so you can make them "PERFECT" for every occasion.

Pool Sprint - Water Sport

Pool sprint - the new era of running.

Dr. Critters Pet Reminder Bag

Dr. CrittersTM Pet Reminder Bag is an easy way to manage your pet's medications and treatments. It is zippered fabric bag that has an unique, patented combined locking indicating feature that reminds the user when the next dose is due.

It combines medication and accessory storage, a reminder system and child safety features all in easy to use bag. It is ideal for use with monthly heartworm and flea treatments as well as treatments for diabetic pets.

Espro Press - Coffee Brewer

The espro™ press uses a patent pending two stage microfilter to give you french press coffee without the grit.  You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds.  And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today.

Carven Motor - Rotary Motion Device

Solving the minimum size and moving parts for device transforming a pressure input to a rotary output or vice versa.

Tinyvox - The infinite tape deck !!

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Jazzy Poop Stick™ - Pet Poop Cleaner

This all-in-one pet waste management system allows the user to retrieve, contain, and dispose of pet waste in a safe and hygienic manner.

The Quickset - Fishing Tool

The Quickset automatically sets the hook from an unattended fishing pole.

Doody Digger, The Pooper Scooper Revolution

With the durable and lightweight Doody Digger Pooper Scooper, simply scoop, then raise to drop dog poop directly in the attached dog waste bag. The one-handed, upright design prevents back and knee strain, while the patented shovel end works effectively on any surface.