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Lock-Kill - Kills Locks Instantly

Lock-Kill -- Remarkable New Lock-out Device is Now Available to Property Managers, Landlords, and Property Investors This brand new device instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset or Schlage lock. Once this patented key is inserted into the keyway the lock is completely disabled. It can't be picked, bumped or jimmied. It is used mainly for securing properties after an eviction. Lock-Kill is now available for Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords and is sold exclusively through

Kee4™ Keyboard

Kee4™ is a new and revolutionary computer keyboard with only 4 keys, operated by one hand. It is truly portable, making it ideal for wearable computing, smart phones, tablets and MIDs. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support.


NEW STRUCTURE Abstract of BG 63647 (B1) The gas distribution mechanism finds application in internal combustion engines, in particular in diesel engines and in other piston assemblies. It consists of intake and discharge plates with holes machined in them and connected to the stems, the cylinder head, with holes in it, matching the holes of the mobile cover of the cylinder, retracting springs of the stems, pressure springs and sealing ring of the mobile cover of the cylinder. In case of overall dimension changes due to temperature expansion and wearing, axial movement of the cover of the cylinder is ensured wherein the sealing ring ensures the airtightness of the assembly, allowing no leakage of fluids between the cover and the cylinder. The continuously pressed cover of the cylinder and the plate to the cylinder head by the pressing springs, ensure the airtightness of the assembly and in closed position no fluids can leak out from the intake and discharge plates. Details are not given in this description as they are confidential. Link to the patent publication : Link to the seller's website : Ask a question to the seller :

Recoil saw

The best addition to the manual hand saw since the handle.

Virtual Visit Television Welcome To The Future

This combined video phone and television set will revolutionize communications as we know them.

Multilingual Keyboard New Generation

Universal Keyboard that will help to change the language keyboard of our choice directly on the keyboard. this is could be a good stuff for people who desire to learn new languages or talk more than one language, encouragee in another way to learn any language we would like and finally help for some troobleshooting for people who face difficulties using a Keyborad with just one and foreign language.

fig8 Earphone Cord Organizer

A simple, compact earphone cord organizer called the "fig8". Ends those annoying cord "hairballs" forever.


Does your computer look like the poster child for sticky notes?

Manually Ladder Hoist

Ladder hoists usually built it as a mechanic engines to help workers  get materials at the top of high structures.  However the present invention is to provide a Manually Ladder hoist,with an structure easy to attach to standard extension ladders as  same as cheaper way to get a helpful hoist, may be achieved at low cost and could be used for any roofer worker.

Novelty Infant High Chair

Novelty high chair usually built it as a wood or plastic to help families to seat their babies next to them when they are in a restaurant.  However the present invention is to provide a high chair ready to attach to any restaurant table, that provides easy function of the high chair and novelty, the restaurant could save space and time when they try to bring any high chair to the table. The construction of the present invention also permits to save space and weight when you try to move the standard high chair from one place to other.