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Sizzling Pepper Griddle - Cookware for Jalapeno Peppers

Exciting new griddle is designed for preparing the perfect jalapeno appetizers or entrees. Fix healthy appetizers without the fat and trans fats of deep-fried poppers.

In this specially designed griddle, the peppers - filled with your choice of fillings (beef,chicken,pork,seafood,cheeses,or vegetables) - becomes milder and sweeter tasting. Don't miss out on this truly wonderful product.


COOL LED flash light that recharges in your car! Comes in 10 different colors.


FIZZITUP! No more flat soda! Dispense 2 liter sodas without loosing the carbonation. Fun and easy to use.


Retired Hubble Space Telescope Engineer Develops More “Down to Earth” Consumer Product

Keep-Ur-Lid offers a simple way to never lose your trashcan lid again.


The Appliance Slide

The Appliance Slide E-Z Movement System for Washing Machines and Dryers

Tonerbelt - Walk n' Burn

ABC's American Inventor show contestant makes it to "AS SEEN ON TV" infomercial product called the "WALKNBURN.COM

Twister Tube - Novelty Item

The Twister Tube is here!!

There's been a sighting of a funnel cloud. It has just touched down and glowing in a multitude of colors. The sirens are sounding, is it time to evacuate?? No, the tornado is on your nightstand and you control it.

Stretch and Press Portable Gym

A portable gym that needs nothing more then a doorway. Also free weight adaptable for many more muscle groups like legs (front and back) isolated triceps, biceps, shrugs and many more. Get a good workout where ever you are all for under $100.

The Amazing Water Faucet Extension

Do you ever need a little extra room in the sink for those big pots and pans? The amazing water faucet extension is the answer.

Shoe with Configurable Message Board


Express yourself! Write any word, number, including some graphics in your (shoe)'s or (sneaker)'s with this invention.