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The Windsor-Not is a Jewelry Implementation of the Windsor Knot . It works for any mans tie ans is useful for any man that has difficulty typing a traditional tie. It also offers more comfort than a traditional ties with no pressure or discomfort (choking).

The Windsor-Not (Not a Windsor Knot) was invented to help a Man wearing a tie have a painless experience, easy, and more interesting.

There is also a Windsor-Not for women. It is a smaller version and is used to secure scarfs. Made as custom jewelery Items can express the design of any vanity.

Lounge Lokr - Personal Storage Locker

A personal storage locker that affixes to chaise lounge chairs at hotels and waterparks, work benches in your garage or shop and more. It incoporates an adjustable lid and locking drawer unit to attach to varied width mounting frames.

PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler

reating no pollution whatsoever, with a biological CO2 convertor core that never wears out, and is fueled by ordinary tap water and sunshine,1 the PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler changes all the rules when it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Swing'N Load: Cargo Management System

The best way to carry groceries in your truck!

Ever have to load your groceries past the tailgate into the bed of your pickup truck? Ever have to climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve items that spilled out into the bed? With the Swing 'N Load these problems are solved!

Self - Rescue Device for Building Fires

As we know ,about 25000 people were killed in building fire in the world every year .Thought firefighters are working so hard to prevent them,death is still going on in building fires.

Why are there always so many dead? Because, so far there are not any professional self-rescue devices provided to the people . So when people are trapped in building fire, the only thing that they can do is just wait for the firefighters` rescue. However, sometimes death comes before rescue ..........

Give me a little help in getting my invention to market, and you may save you and your families .Building-fire always comes unexpectedly.


Slickclips - Paperclip Dispenser

Slickclips - a simple way to clip

Etraay - Portable/car Sports Eating Tray

Portable/car sports eating tray. Designed to be used in many places and to help while on the go.

Window Washing System

Window Washing System

Our new window washing machine can be set up to clean the exterior of any window, large or small, on any building, low or skyscraper, by simply pressing a one-touch on/off switch. You will never have to employ a window washing team with ladders, elevators or scaffolding again. Our system is safer, less expensive, and you can wash any one window on any given day. Our system is simply better.

Drinxtopper - Barware Product

Need an extra kick to your drink? Tired of lemon or lime squirts in your eye?

Word Isolating Educational Tool

Original product is 2" x 3", constructed from (2) thin flexible non-transparent pieces of plastic. And innovative reading aid that will aid teachers, and parent who teach their children at home. It will assist the user with the isolation of syllables of a word, so that they can be sounded out, helping make the pronunciation of the word easier.