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FlashBox - Cars Communicator

The car is extending its vocabulary: drivers can set off a complicated series of light signals on their indicators in seconds. A new invention by an ingenious experimenter now means cars and lorries can say a lot more than just "Thanks" - the only thing the drivers have to learn is what the light signals mean.

Clever Dog Collar

The worlds 1st slip style dog collar that is suitable for everyday wear and training... without the harshness of a choke chain.

Multi-Panel Reconfigurable Dry Erase Board

Conventional dry erase boards have provided only a single unitary dry erase panel, which is not suitable for compartmentalizing and tracking information. In an effort to compartmentalize information, one typically must resort to creating a grid using a marker or tape to divide the panel into different sections or quadrants. In an effort to track information, one must constantly erase information from one section and rewrite the same information in another section or be forced to mentally rearrange the information into its logical or sequential order on a regular basis. Regularly erasing and rewriting the same information can take considerable time. Regularly attempting to rearrange the information in one's mind can be confusing and challenging, particularly given that the logical order may vary from day to day or week to week

EYE-D : Identification System for Glasses

For every person who loses expensive sunglasses or prescription glasses, there is always someone who finds them. Now there is a way to return them with the EYE-D product. It allows the owner to personalize his or her glasses by giving you a template to scratch on the frame your name or phone # so the finder can return them to the owner. You do carry ID in your wallet so why not on your glasses!



All Around Card

New Circular Payment Card could revolutionize the payment card industry and the way you shop around!

Quick Clip - Sunglass Holder for Vehicle Visor

Tired of fumbling with the two handed visor clip to get your sunglasses while driving. Check out the next step up in the evolution of the visor clip.

SKIDS - In-Line Skate Brake

I noticed a problem when in-line skates first came out. People were hurting themselves while trying to stop on these skates. I realized a way to design a brake for the front of the skate that allowed a much quicker and safer learning curve when it came to stopping.

GigaTribe (encrypted method of sharing entire folders with online friends)

GigaTribe already has over 300,000 users in Europe and is quickly gaining ground in the US. GigaTribe allows users to share folders on their hard-drives which their friends will then be able to browse through. There's no limit as to the sizes of files that are exchanged.

Laser Ball - Laser putting Platform

It is the only golf training aid that emits a laser-dot from the actual putted golf ball. The emitted laser-dot indicates the precise location/trajectory of the putted golf ball.