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Termite Housing

From garbage to food

AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

Topline Innovations, Manufacturer of the hottest new tool on the market...The AngLevel Multi-purpose Measuring tool! The AngLevel tool replaces the t-bevel, speed square, and torpedo level, and performs many functions not found in these or other tools.

Spazzstick; Caffeinated Lip Balm

Wake up and heal your lips all in one swipe!!

DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

Cordless drill power assist transmission unit with multi-positioning for placing unlimited objects into motion.

3G Stepper - Bicycle

Los Angeles times says the 3G Stepper a "GREAT ALL BODY WORKOUT". The 3G Stepper is a fun vertical motion bike where you use both your upper and lower body to get a great workout.

Super Rider Bicycle

This is a revolutionary bike that provides exercise for the hands and legs at the same time. It can be used buth outdoors or indoors.

Universal Artificial Intelligence Software Program

An artificial intelligent software that can drive a car/truck or airplane at a human level.

Cook Robot

A cooking robot which helps you leave your food prepared automatically just like a real cook cooking your desired food whenever you want without any monthly payment, as well as you cook. How delicious dishes it cooks!

Redneck Weenie Tailgate Cooker : Cooking Device

Tailgate, Cook Out, or just letting your Ex-Boyfriend know where he sits with you! The Roast My Weenie Cooker.

Baby Hold-It! Baby Bottle Handles.

This neat little invention allows little hands to hold their own bottles at feeding time. Babies love to be independant, so this handy item is the perfect thing for any mom or mom to be, as even most breatfed babies are given supplemental bottles at some time. It is guaranteed to fit any bottle size, from small to large and chubby.