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HEADLINE IT! Headwear Liner

HEADLINE IT! is a revolutionary product that fits securely under any hat, helmet, wig, or headwear. It catches the perspiration that would otherwise saturate the item.. and has been proved, ON AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW AS A TOP 12 FINALIST..... to stop perspiration from running into one's eyes and stops one's glasses or goggles from becoming fogged up. (As seen on the FIREMEN testing and on CANCER and Alopecia pts.... clips can be seen on our website.)

Rapid Victim Extrication Tool

A hydraulic battery operated rescue tool that removes the front of the dash board of the victim of an accident. This is faster and safer than the jaws of life.

ParScooter - Electric golf cart scooter.

Ride and tow your golf clubs! The easiest and most fun way to play golf. Saves time and money too!

Quick-See: Grooming Aid for Dogs

Quick-see shows you where to cut your pet's dark toenails so that you don't cut them too short. It uses thermal color-changing technology to indicate the location of the quick in the toenail, eliminating the guessing game. Now everyone can clip with confidence.

Campfire Back Warmer "BakGlo"

Have you ever had a cold back at a campfire? This is the solution.

Revolutionary Tire Valve and Pressure Gauge

Canadian Inventor discovers new method in checking tire pressure without ever having to use an accessory tire pressure gauge again. Woman and child can now check their tire's pressure in seconds (hands free).

Guide for Escorting Children

The Centipede is a Guide for Escorting Children small children and children with handicaps.

Eli's Self Binding Paper

Got a lot of papers that you need to bind? Use Eli’s Paper® and have some peace of mind.

Trangle Ball: New Game to Play

A rebounding ball game/sport for beach, backyard or even indoors.

Solar Polar Rock and Roller: Solar Powered Ice Chest

The Solar Polar Rock and Roller is an ice chest with an integrated solar panel in the lid that runs a stereo radio and light and also allows solar energy to be converted to 110 VAC to run small appliances (blender, fan, tools) in areas where there is no power. It also has a plug in for your lap top and a cell phone charger that will run all on FREE solar energy.