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Bottle Sling : Baby Feeding Aid

A nursing bottle aid designed to make bottlefeeding a more natural experience.

Restroom Survival Kit

Privacy, cleanliness and the supplies you need in public restrooms.

Cap and opener device for bottles

Cap and opener device for bottles, with two pieces, the first is the cap and the second is the opener. When you get up the opener, the tap of the cap is introduced.

Topless Sandal

Topless sandals simulate walking barefoot while protecting your feet. Topless sandals stick to the bottom of your feet using a patented adhesive, leaving no residue on your feet when you take them off. The "stick" is guaranteed for a year. Topless sandals are basically topless flip flops.

Weight Spotter

The Weight Spotter is a new safety device designed to allow you to lift heavy and lift safely. There are currently no other mechanical spotters that have the unique feature that this product has: You can remove the weights that become trapped on your chest by rolling the bar in a forward incline motion and away from your head and neck, and no matter the amount of weight or exhaustion; this can be done extremely easily.


Beerhugs® is the only glass mug with an insulated handle. Your beer stays icy cold while the handle stays warm and dry. In test studies, the handle was nearly five times warmer than mugs without one. So, say goodbye to cold, wet hands forever!


I invented the CD Stripper after I cut my hand opening a music CD for my kid. It's safe, easy to use and will open thousands of CDs. The same goes for the DVD Stripper. It cuts movie, gaming, and music DVD cases that have annoying security tape on the top and side of the cases. You can flip the DVD and push it into the DVD stripper if it has a third piece of security tape on the bottom.

Keyboard Organizer

We all know how thin computer keyboards can be. We have all seen the fold up and rubber roll up keyboards on the market. Well, the technology inside today’s full size computer keyboards is just as thin.

New can on the block

Tired of seeing your Garbage can blown, or stolen, or ravaged by animals? This weighted system prevents all three,ensuring the can is rooted to the spot.

BagButton's Vacuum Storage Bags

BagButton's economical technology enables you to capture the open-end of most plastic bags or garbage bags and lets you evacuate the air with your vacuum cleaner. BagButton's Space Bag Storage Bag system is almost free.