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Flextee challenges traditional thinking when it comes to how, when or where we play or practice golf.


Sunsure is an easy to use device for the early recognition of sunburn. Many people stay in the sun until redness starts to appear. Damage to the skin starts much earlier, but cannot be detected by the naked eye. If skin changes to red when looked at through the sunsure detection lens, it is time to seek protection from the sun.


Discover hidden space behind your open doors for towels, clothes, coats, etc. Just POP the door's hinge pins and drop them in the adjustable brackets of you Hinge-It rack or hook. Simple to install - No Holes - No Marks on the door or wall. Will not pull or fall off. So easy to use even samll children and handicapped can reach. Reduces clutter and laundry and solves the drop it on the floor problem.

The Strapper

The Strapper has 3 purposes: 1) Keeps straps from being seen when wearing any kind of sleeveless Tops/ Dresses even Racerbacks! 2) Keeps straps in place! No more falling off ones shoulders Woman love them for their Bating Suits for this reason 3) Lifts and Supports! Woman also love to use the Strapper for working out instead of Racerback Bras for the extra support it gives!

Buckle Write's

A unique belt buckle with two telescopic writting pens write once or twice blue ink or red ect. Futuristic tank type with pen refillables, for young or old, never be without a pen or even pencil.

DoubleUps for Beds

DoubleUps for Beds was founded in the spring of 1996 to satisfy the need for a comfortable, good night's sleep and provide a flexible bedding solution for sleepers “on the move.” Born in a “living room workshop,” our sheet prototypes worked so well that we expanded our vision to include blankets and comforters. A constant stream of feedback allowed us to improve and streamline our products, and in November 2003, DoubleUps for Beds was awarded patents for their unique designs. Today, consumers can find DoubleUps for Beds online at, and share their bed (but not their covers) while sleeping with style and comfort.

Gator Gripper : Tooth Removal Device

Gator Gripper is a unique, child-friendly gadget designed to to enable adults to grasp and remove a loosened baby tooth. Slim plastic design allows the Gripper to slip easily into the the mouth of a child to grip a loose tooth as it's safely wiggled free.

The Walk-O-Long

The Ultimate Training Wheels for Kids.

Character Bear: Character Building Toy

Parent/Child interactive learning tool. Un-stuffed teddy bear that fills with pillow pieces, each representing a character attribute such as love and caring, respect, kindness, responsibility. The bear stars in a story to bring him to life and teach the child about character. The guide acts as a tool for parents to teach thier children how to stuff the bear and also serves as a character learning tool. Magical, fun, learning toy. This is no ordinary teddy bear.

Bubble Ring Generator: Toy Bubble Maker

Bubble Rings are like smoke rings, except under water. I have invented and patented simple, inexpensive devices that anyone can use to create and play with beautiful bubble rings.