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FreeSpine Fitness Machine


The FREESPINE is efficient, time saving fitness machinefor exercising and strengthening your core muscles and joints, to keep your spine flexible and lower back fit and pain free, for high body tone and perfect posture.


Doyle Rotary Engine

This is a rotary piston engine that is 11.5" wide and 18" diameter and has a displacement of 4181cc. It has one intake port, one combustion chamber, one injector, one spark plug one power port and one exhaust port. This is a rotary piston engines that uses ports instead of valves and has no reciprocating mass.

BlingToGo - Decoration for Crutches

BlingToGo, the self-adhesive full-wrap ‘skins’ are a new way to add personality to any standard mobility support tools such as crutches, canes and walkers. The adhesive decorations also work on bed rails and IV poles because they are a medical-grade product that can be fully sanitized hundreds of times. (Update: This BlingToGo site is no longer available. Folks are using nail art stickers like these to decorate crutches. Also, Crutcheze now carries a whole line of designer fabric covered and colored crutch covers. They are available on Amazon here. )

Lid with Wings, Stable and Safe Cookware Lid

Millions of cooks all over the world still (and will) prefer displacing cookware lids for ventilating their cooking and emptying the pans. During this simple operation they face challenges, some of them ending with fallen lids, lost cooking or even scalds. The Lid with Wings simpy and elegantly solves the centuries-old problem at last.

The Ticket Treasury

The Ticket Treasury is a memorabilia storage system for recording, organizing and preserving memorabilia.

Many people enjoy sports and entertainment memorabilia. In fact, Americans spend approximately $4 billion per year on sports collectables. They collect, trade, sell, and display their sport and entertainment artifacts so that other memorabilia enthusiasts may enjoy them. Additionally, personal memorabilia, which carries sentimental value, is frequently organized and shared with friends and family. It can, however, be a daunting task to catalogue and inventory large quantities of memorabilia. Therefore, it is not uncommon for newspaper clippings, event programs, ticket stubs, photographs, cards and the like to wind up in unorganized boxes or drawers.


Skate Fusion 2 in 1

The new Skate fusion 2 in 1 is the best way to have fun in two different devices, ideal for kids who are first learners on skateboards as same for kids who enjoy to use skateboards as same as scooters.

The Walker Rapid Wash System

Revolutionary All-in-One Car/ rim- Wash/ dryer System


Our unique car wash system reduces work and time needed to wash and dry your car with no need to change attachments. This car wash system will revolutionize the auto and recreational vehicle cleaning industry, and we are currently offering you the chance to profit with a great investment opportunity.


3-Dimensional Signage For & On Hilly Terrains

Majority of the inhabited regions are geometrically two-dimensional (2-D, in brief) or planar. At least approximately, as we neglect the curvature of the Earth’s spherical shape locally and dismiss any minor irregularities in topography on the surface. Signage designed for this ‘locally 2-D Earth’s landscape’ are in 2-D too; they appear as road signs on pavements, portable city maps that can be folded and carried in shirt pockets, posters on pillars of subway stations displaying modified railway routes and schedules and so on. The phrase 'you are right here' is often pointed as an arrowhead on colony true-to-scale maps for convenience of residents and visitors. Mathematically it is an underlined point on a plane surface and physically it is your position on land. Some signages are interlinked and dynamic. The changing and blinking displays on highways regularly update the driver on traffic congestion and weather conditions. Thus having 2-D signage on 2-D topography seems obvious and good. But what about signage on 3-Dimensional natural structures like hills?

Digitalized Landing Technique

If you are seriously connected with aviation industry in any diverse capacity, say as a commercial pilot or as an airport designer or even as a frequent flier, you are quite aware of the fact that the feared take-off and landing procedures are ‘sensitive to skill of the pilot’. Add to it the unfortunate 9/11 historical episode wherein a terrorist (in disguise of a pilot) attacked the buildings just after take-off. Ample security arrangements have been set up since then to ensure unrepeatability of such a disaster. But still a small gap detected by me needs be plugged for a foolproof aviation security....

Geared Non-Spill Teapot Machine

If all teapots had no date of manufacture stamped on their bases, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate a modern one from its historical predecessor ‘made’ about 50 years ago! Seems, evolution spared this utensil! The aim is to design a better teapot, better in the functional sense. One that pours evenly throughout is a good one.