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MugToGo changes paper coffee cups into paper mugs.


In-brella is a fully functioning inward operating umbrella. It's design can aid in solving the following problems: - Alleviates scratching the roof of your car during operation. - Keeps your clothing and auto dry by storing wet canopy inside of a dry tube. - Is a safer umbrella to use in crowded situations.


Perfume specifically formulated to be sprayed on the hair. Hairfume was invented for people who think, Their hair should always smell fabulous, And should never stink. So dull & so boring even after they shampoo, So spray your favorite scent & say yahoo! Use it on wet hair for easier combing & shine, And dry hair for when you want a blast of that hairfume fresh scent anytime. Great for quickly eliminating smoke & food odors.

The Question Mark Flosser

The "Question Mark Flosser" is an ergonomic dental flosser shaped like a question mark. The floss is attached under the top arch of the hook-shaped part of the question mark while the bottom round "dot" has a hole in it through which a finger can be placed to maneuver the flosser.

Sideways Bike

Two wheel steering bicycle with each wheel having its own steering control operated by rider's left and right hand respectively and rider positioned facing the direction of motion.

Sit and Shave

The SitandShave or SitnShave is a Gag Gift that's Actually Useful. It's a strap on sink and mirror assembly to that you can sit on the toilet and shave at the same time. It was featured on the American Inventor TV show.


Dripnot, LLC introduces the Dripnot™ universal coneholder. It is the world’s only holder designed to holdalmost every known type and size of cone, from thesmallest cake cone to the largest waffle cone. The patent pending Dripnot™ is also the only cone holder made entirely of earth friendly FDA approved materials (PLA),which can be recycled and even be composted.

The Boost Air system

A system that adds to an existing compressed air system [that recycles] the spent air ... to pressurize the inlet of the air compressor [to double the efficiency].

Sea Hammock - Aquatic Deckchair \ Lounger

Completely novel portable lounger deck chair designed to be taken into the water at the beach, lake, or your swimming pool. Lay back and relax completely immersed in a warm water pool or lie out and cool off in the sea when Global Warming makes it too hot to stay on the beach.


his invention is to do with air compressors and air tools and is called E.A.R.S witch is Exhausted Air Recycling System witch takes the exhausted air from a air tool and injects it through our patented manifold back into the compressor this makes the air tool alot quieter and allows the compressor to sustain tank presure for longer periods of time