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Twin Hull Personal Watercraft

A technology offering improvements in the ergonomics, stability, versatility and other performance parameters of small boats such as canoes, kayaks, dinghies etc.

Hands Free Umbrella

A shoulder bag or backpack, which can be mounted and dismounted, without either arm needing to twist to the rear, hlding an umbrella, hands free. In addition, something can be suspended from the upper and lower straps.


Hand held football (brain stimulating) puzzle game for beginners and the the expert. Rubik Cube like football game in the shape of a football. Customized for souvenir for Collegiate/NFL games with team logos

The Flatulence Deodorizer

The Flatulence Deodorizer is a product designed to eliminate embarrassment caused from the odor of flatulence. The Flatulence Deodorizer is a three-ply activated charcoal cloth that fits into the undergarment in a similar fashion to a sanitary napkin. This product is 1/16th of an inch thick, washable, reusable and provides immediate protection, from unwanted flatulence odors.

shootAndstar Rebounder

The shootAndstar Rebounder is a low cost revolutionary basketball shooting practice device that enables a basketball shooter to efficiently practice basketball shooting by themselves. Both made and missed basketball shots are quickly returned to the shooter.

The Original Tote-N-Mat

Water Resistant Padded Mat that converts into storage box, backpack & tote


hoster is a device for firmly holding a watering hose and which mount atop a 36" steel post that has been pushed into the ground. It allows watering of a specific area of garden to occur. It is easily manuverable both in a vertical and/or hosizontal direction - without turning the water off. It is made of plastic and is colored green for environmental considerations. Less water is used since the device cocentrates the direction of water to a specific area. This device would be aptly placed in a garden center outlet or large home improvement or discount store such as Home Depot, Lowe''s and Wal-Mart.

X-TREME GATE Slide Out Truck Bed

The product, X-TREME GATE, is a concept best described as the ultimate method of creating additional cargo space in your pick-up bed without removing the tailgate or damaging the appearance or value of the pick-up truck.

Solar Charged Electric Scooter/Vehicle

An electric scooter was modified to support solar panels for charging the on board batteries. Scooter has been driven for 1,100 miles without plugging into any other source. The panels fold out for charging while parked at work, and fold back in while riding on the road. Little change in road handling from original model.

Mailbox Saver Post

Mailbox specially designed to be vandal-proof. The special features of this new post are daytime hours the mailbox lays at the roadside, so the mail carrier can put the mail in the mailbox. And night time hours it lays 10-12 feet off the roadside take the mailbox out of striking range. Please tell me what you think about this new vandal proof mailbox post.