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Baby Dipper: Infant Bowl

A revolutionary new infant bowl that allows for one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding by toddlers easy.

Q-Track: Wireless Tracking

Wireless Real Time Locating System Q-Track's Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER(TM)) technology is fundamentally different from existing wireless technologies used for indoor tracking. According to Jerry Gabig, the CEO of Q-Track, NFER(TM) technology is more accurate, as well as less expensive, than other commercial wireless tracking technologies.

Mr McCooker: Cooking Device

3-in-1 cooker that makes ready-to-serve macaroni and cheese, steams vegetables and doubles as a hot water boiler.

Accu Shot: Billiards Device

A Billiards target practice and training device

Booster Bath: Pet Washer

Elevated plastic dog wash tub. With the New and Improved Booster Bath, washing your dog will be a bonding and enjoyable experience. No more putting off washing the dog because it's such a hassle! The Booster Bath makes washing your dog quick and painless.

Active Grid Tech: Energy Storage

The Next Generation of Energy Storage Devices: AGT Prevents Cell Degeneration The use of ultrasonics to overcome the inherent mass transport limitations in lead acid batteries.

Info Cube: Entertainment Paging System

The infocube is the newest innovation in paging systems, entertaining guest while they wait. The InfoCube is a small battery operated hand held unit containing a 128x64-illuminated Blue graphical Liquid Crystal Display with a 902-928 MHz synthesized RF modem.

CD Wall Tile

Unique Display and Storage for CD's CDWalltile provides a unique way to display your favorite CD cover art on your walls. Each CDWalltile can hold CDs and DVDs in their jewel case or carrier while still allowing easy access to your favorite music. Its special design was created so that you can hang individual CDWalltiles to accent a room or you can create custom patterns with the easy-to-use connectors. And, CDWalltile is the only product available today that allows you to display your prized CD collection on the wall without harming your CD or marring your wall.

Creeper Sweeper Casters

CreeperSweeper is a new self-sweeping swivel caster designed for automotive creepers, stools and other rolling devices that are prone to wheel bind up.

Mop Flops

Terry Cloth Slippers lined in vinyl with a pocket for sponges on the sole. Meant for spot cleaning, reaching in hard to reach places and walking on a freshly mopped floor.