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Bottle Booster

Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder. Hands free infant feeding! Lies on infants stomach so as not to restrain child. Bottle can be tilted to ensure they get every drop. Baby can push bottle away without bottle falling over. Bends and conforms to all bottle sizes and holds bottle snuggly. Weighted base on child's stomach may help to reduce gas. Great for babies a few weeks old till they can hold their own bottle.

NapLap: Pet Beds

Pet beds as comfortable as your own lap!

Cool Gripper

A novelty foam beverage holder. It won the Bronze medal @ Impex 2005 (North America's largest invention show).

GoBo: Vehicle Projector

A unique accessory that projects your favorite logo next to your vehicle onto the ground as you drive at night. (See the Movie on website).

EZ Smart Guide System: Woodworking Tools

A system of products especially designed to eliminate accidents and make woodworking ez smart to anyone.

Comfort Stylus

The Comfort Stylus has a soft rubberized cushion grip stylus with a solid flexible shaft. The Comfortstylus can be used with gaming devices such as PDAs, cell phones and any resistive touch screen technology, including the Nintendo DS, and data collectors.

Sandbox Play Boat

A play boat that has a large sandbox as well as some other fun features.

Marshmallow Chef Sticks

A quality marshmallow roasting stick

Board Bra: Skateboard Holder

Board Bra attaches to any bicycle handle bars with just 2 bolts to allow handsfree carrying of skateboard.

Spider Stick: Insect Control

SpiderStick is the safe, easy way to get rid of bugs in your house! Unique adhesive stick captures bugs easily.