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Aurin ™ - Intelligent 8 Outlet Power Distributor

Aurin allows every kind of settings in one and the same powerstrip: optimized for the computer user, and generally variously usable. Features: ♣ Master with selectable Slaves, switch the Master-Device on/off and the Slave/s on Socket 3, 5 and 7 follows ( if set as Slaves ) –on, while socket 4 is on timer, while socket 2 is on/off direct and so on... all at the same time and in the same powerstrip, it allows a lot of profiles, to change the total settings of all 8 sockets with one click. ♣ 3 Timer on / off for each socket Mo. - Fr. each day, - daily ♣ Direct on / off for each socket ♣ Save Energy: don´t leave appliances on standby ♣ 2 step Reset ♣ 30 days internal power supply, for example at a blackout ♣ internal light ♣ quick switching function between 3 attached Aurin Power-Strips ( 24 sockets ) ♣ filter & protection

Handy Scruby - Spray Bottle Enhancement

This is a desgin for a scrubber attached to a spray bottle for cleaning hard to get off dirt.

Ergoroller - Wrist Supporter

OUCH!  My hands hurt from too much computer use.  Let Ergoroller massage the pain away.  At home and work, almost no place you can't use this incredible product.  Earth friendly, recyclable materials and made in the USA.

Keeping it Positive - Positive Affirmation Pillowcases and Mugs

Be CONFIDENT, POSITIVE, and know that you CAN do anything you put your mind to! That's what Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases help you to achieve! To change your thinking patterns to be more POSITIVE, and CONFIDENT, one should say Affirmations before going to sleep, and when you awake,... and what better way than to have them right on your Pillowcase! :) Saying these Affirmations will truly make you more SUCCESSFUL!

SpillRamp the Towel Eliminator - Cleaning Aid

This environmentally friendly product reduces the need for cloth and paper towels. The special ramp and squeegee allow rapid clean up of large volume spills. If you want to help reduce global warming, and the cabon footprint, this is the product for you! It reduces the need to waste paper towels and/or wash cloth towels! This is the best product of 2010!

t&b Clip

Multi-purpose magnetic clothing clip for cinching up t-shirts, tightening loose clothing, making belts, securing scarves and sarongs.   A fashion accessory that adds a personal, stylish touch to many outfits while effectively securing open apparel or contouring loose clothing to any woman's figure

First Fuel Cell Personal Breathalyzer - World's Most Accurate

The world's most accurate personal breathalyzer uses a platinum fuel cell to turn breath alcohol into electric   al current for precise breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. The technology has long been used in professional breath alcohol testers such as those used by law enforcement but has not been available to the general public.

Magic Toob Lampshade Leveler

Keep your clip-on lampshades level when using those new funky shaped CFL's!  It also works great on chandelier bulbs and incandescents up to 150 watts!

Lawn Sprinkler Runoff Conservation System

This invention relates to the field of lawn sprinkler systems more specifically to systems for minimizing the unnecessary use of irrigation water and collecting and recycling water distributed by sprinkler systems. 

Firearm Magazine Safety Lock

The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock (FMSL) is the simplest way to lock your firearm. Patented (#7,543,403 B1) and ready for licensing, the FMSL may just change the face of firearm safety. By simply replacing the factory magazine with the FMSL, the lock itself becomes part of the firearm. A firearm that is locked with an FMSL cannot be fired when it is locked and is impossible to keep a round chambered. Making it the best way to childproof your firearm. The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock will render any magazine fed, port ejection firearm completely safe and inoperable with just a turn of the key and back to operational again in just seconds.