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Jamstykk Guitar Game Controller

The Jamstykk is an ultra portable Guitar Video Game controller that is compatible for three platform console games: Playstation 2/3 or Wii. That's right, one video game controller works with three different consoles. Perfect for the multi game console home. Works with All versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Guitar Hero game made 1.2 billion dollars in 2007 alone.

SmokerDome: Grill Smoker Apparatus for Producing Smoke on Gas Grills

FlavorDome Grill Smoker is an apparatus for producing flavored smoke on an outdoor gas grill.  This grill smoker allows the user to enjoy those just cooked over open fire smoke flavors while using their outdoor gas grill.  Gas grills, of and by themselves, do not produce any natural wood smoke flavors. The SmokerDome Grill Smoker 'Turns every backyard cook into a gourmet chef'. "Changing the way the World barbecues... at home!"

Personal Security Backpack

Crime-fighting backpack designed to help save lives.

GoPillow! - Childcare Pillow

The GoPillow! is a "must have" for all parents and caregivers. Breastfeeding is private and easy even in public thanks to the GoPillow!

VIP Odorless Toilet

The VIP odorless toilet is a smart alternative for a healthier lifestyle. With no bathroom odors to cover, there's never a need to spray harmful air deodorizing chemicals.

Multi Storied Car Park with Inclines Conveyance : Enhanced Car Parking System

New automated parking method for a multi storied building using an inclined hoist way.

Leaderball Ball Launcher

Leaderball, the NEW pocket friendly ball launcher that simply attaches to your dog leash. This smart little product enables you to throw a rubber/tennis ball variable distances up to 210 feet using your own dog leash! Leaderball provides hands free pick up of the ball. Visit to see LEADERBALL IN ACTION.

NoseBudd: Nose Bleed Aid

Stop the NoseBleed Epidemic with NoseBudd!

Over 45 million people each year suffer from Nosebleeds in the US alone! Help fight this epidemic with NoseBudd!

Elegantiz: Earthenware from Cow Dung

A great environment friendly invention using cow dung!


EZ-Find! - Electronic Locator System

EZ-Find!® is like no other product on the market. It's sleek, high tech and affordable. Because it's expandable, it's continued usefulness is assured for years to come. As part of the fast-growing product category of electronic locators, the demand for EZ-Find!® is expected to rise with the increase of aging baby boomers, busy households and products getting smaller and harder to find.