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The Stain-removing Machine

Pat. pend. UE: WO/2008/152168

 Pat. pend. EEUU: US2010139332 (A1)

Normal021falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4 InternationalApplication No.:  PCT/ES2008/000414

StealthVue PennyCam : Hidden Security Camera

Robbers Chasing Dollars, Captured By Pennies

StealthVue's new covert countertop surveillance device embeds a hi-resolution security camera in an object found on the vast majority of gas station, convenience and liquor store countertops: The "Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny" tray.

The Smart Belt : Car Safety Belt

The Smart Belt guarantees that motor vehicles move no faster than 10 miles per hour without confirmed seatbelt connection, and by using common automobile equipment.

E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container

E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container,Replaceable air freshener,Vacuum release,Easy hold down lip.The trash container that makes good scents.E-Z MAID INC. Making it E-Z Makes scents.


Handi-Straps increases lifting capacity while decreasing threat of injury

Paci Pocket

Paci Pockets will hang from any bag,stroller handle or cart. Slip binky into pocket to keep it enclosed, clean and free from dirt. It prevents paci from going to bottom of diaper bag and getting lost while keeping it within hands reach. It's reversible, Just turn Paci Pocket inside out for a different look- a two for one!

Take-Along Tether - Baby Accessory

Keep track of your child and never lose their bottle, sippy cup or favorite item ever again! The Take-Along Tether is the only product on the market that doubles as both an item tether AND a child tether.

Twin Dental Articulating Paper Forceps

Getting the bite correct in the mouth is absolutely critical in dentistry. A bite, or how your teeth touch, can make or break the dentistry in your mouth. Frequently root canal treatments are performed on a tooth that has died since the bite was not correct! Adjusting the bite after a new filling or crown has been placed is very technique sensitive, and any product that allows dentists to perform this function quicker, easier and more accurately will benefit both the patient and the dentist.

The Hahn Twin Forceps allow for quicker, easier and more accurate adjustment of the dental bite. Prior to this invention multiple products were used to perform the function of the Twin Forceps. The Twin Forceps can replace the existing instrument completely as it perform all of the regular articulating paper forceps functions and then some.

KeyBoard Guitar (clavier-guitare) - Musical Instrument

A new way to play:

Situated where the guitarist makes the strings of his hand or with a plectrum This patented invention provides not only a different way to play, Now you press on keys, but also new sounds. This system mechanical gripper enables the strings vibrating with more Amplitude or less depending on the draft keyboard. The accuracy of the latter and its rapid completion of the rest, modifying The system attack ropes keyboard offers specific acoustic performance A few hours are sufficient to discover the differences, games and sounds And easily produce agreements plated or broken This keyboard is suitable for any type of electric guitars, both acoustic and more that it is Removable.

itoPad - Laptop Computer Heat Dissipater

  • Does your laptop get uncomfortably hot while you have it on your lap
  • Do you constantly change positions because of discomfort from your laptop?
  • Does your laptop's cooling fan come on more often than before