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The Tote Tray

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you enjoy barbecuing, tailgating, picnicing, or just getting the family together for some outdoor feasting, but hate the idea of eating a plate of food on your lap? Well, if you're one of the millions who already have and use the portable, collapsible "pop-up" chairs, then "The Tote Tray" is a must!

CHALK-O-MATIC - Pool Cue Chalker & Pocket Marker

CHALK-O-MATIC fits in the palm of your hand, rotates and contains a cube of billiard chalk (allows for any billiard chalk cube) for your pool cue.  "Without a good chalking, you will miss the pocket."

Environmental Cleaning Device

Device to clean and filter out the poisonous and unwanted gases from the atmosphere caused by pollution.

X-Box Stand - Video Game Accessory

Finally a stand for the popular X-Box, this is the only x-box stand on the market world wide!

Paper Pulp Siding - New Type of Building Material

This new building material created from my revolutionary pulp paper blend is designed to reverse the effects of Global Warming, and Global Dimming, two major of several ongoing environmental threats to our planet.

Bodyguard - Body Protection for Mechanics

BODYGUARD is a revolutionary way to protect car mechanics while they are under a car. It is the only creeper with built-in FRAME PROTECTION.

COVERPLAY - Baby Safety Product

The first and only slipcover-for play yards. Our Patent pending invention helps reduce children's exposure to germs and bacteria that build up on play yards. It is great for the travel industry who provides their young guests with play yards that are not always so clean. It is machine washable and Pediatrician recommended.

Hand and Foot Tricycle - Sports and Recreation Bike

I am a Korean inventor. I have made several hand & foot bikes which have a unique automatic steering system. It would be ideal for transportation, traveling, physical exercise, assistance for the handicapped, the aged, and women who cannot ride a traditional cycle.

dForce Trainer - Sport Training System

High performance sport specific fast twitch muscles. We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete and the extraordinary athlete into the best they can be.

The DukFoot Guitar Stand

The DukFoot guitar stand is the world's first and only fully automatic guitar-mounted stand. So sleek it remains on the guitar as you place the guitar in its case!

Mounts non-invasively on most guitars and is removable in seconds.

Once mounted on your guitar, you needn't touch it to use it! Simply lower the guitar to the floor and let go... the DukFoot automatically engages and your guitar stands up! When you're ready to play again, just pick the guitar up... the DukFoot automatically folds out of the way against the guitar back.

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