Termite Housing

Ecologists agree that growing termites can be useful for the environment in many ways: - disposing of wasted cardboard, paper and wood - recycling crops residues The termites can be used as animal feed, helping poor farmers raise chicken and fish. The Termite Housing I am designing will take into account: - the needs of termites in terms of moisture, temperature, microenvironment - the need of the farmer in terms of collection of grown termites - the safe containment of the plage This project can be done with little money, but serious and ambitious development requires some investment.
Invention Status: In development - Needs funding

Keywords: ecology, earth conservation, garbage disposal, animal feed, feed the hungry
Feb 18, 2008
by Michael (not verified)

White ant houses

Just read your little write up about your whate ant houses or trap ,i would be very interested in learning more about this project.