"THE DASH" Deer Hunting Stand

"The Dash" is a fully adjustable shooting and storage system that will fit almost any elevated hunting tripod or tree stand that has a rail around it.

It is fully powder coated and has a new rifle holder is designed specifically to attach to THE DASH. Advertised on the American Outdoorsman TV Show and in the Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine on page 146, Nov/Dec. 2008 edition.

This product is currently in production and has patent pending status.

It is fully adjustabel with a 12 inch tall adjustable shooting rest attached to the front.

It is the only product of it's kind on the market and has been in bothe the San Antonio and Ft. Worth Hunters Extravaganza Show. It is primarily designed for hunting white deer from an elevated style tripod / hunting stand. Usual height is 12 to 16 feet and there is no place to store your gear, set your rifle, or gain a proper shooting rest for taking shot's up to 300 yards.

THE DASH is a fully adjustable shooting and storage system for any hunter no matter their age or height. It is also a safer way to hunt since it keeps your rifle sucure and pointing down range while in the "Rifle Holder", instead of you holding it or standing it in the corner of your hunting stand.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: In production. Being sold at shows and on our E-Commerce Store

Keywords: deer hunting, Hunting stand accessory, storage shooting system, powder coated,
Dec 20, 2008
by Anonymous

I hunt at night with a

I hunt at night with a flashlight ...it is alot easier and can get closer

Aug 30, 2011
by Anonymous


Great products, although I suggest having a proof-reader for your written descriprion - less grammatical and spelling errors makes you appear more professional