The Question Mark Flosser

The "Question Mark Flosser" is an ergonomic dental flosser shaped like a question mark. The floss is attached under the top arch of the hook-shaped part of the question mark while the bottom round "dot" has a hole in it through which a finger can be placed to maneuver the flosser.

Placing the floss at the top of the hook allows you to easily reach far back into the mouth to the back teeth so that you can floss without actually putting any fingers into the mouth. One of the Question Mark Flosser's most unique features is that its shape allows the floss to be pulled into the space between teeth in the same direction as the forced applied, and only one finger pressure is needed in the built-in finger grip. To floss between the bottom teeth gap, you simply position the flosser in your mouth above the teeth and then pull down from directly underneath. This is very different from other older flossing devices, which require you to push the floss in from the front of the mouth using the full force of the hand or arm.  These older designs create a thrusting or stabbing action, which can injure the gums, fatigue the wrist and be hard to control. 

To help get the floss in between tight teeth, a rocking motion is also possible with the "Question Mark Flosser".  Its shape allows you to put perfect balance on the floss and pivot where the fulcrum point exists, which is right at the point of contact with the teeth. This is the most important benefit this flosser has over other flossers, the fact that using a fulcrum point to floss gives the user unique grace and gentle speed.

This new design makes the flossing process extremely easy.  Hard jerking of the old flossers into the gums can and has caused possible bleeding while the new method has not during preliminary testing.  If necessary, the opposing row of teeth can also be used to gently bite down on the top of the flosser's arched top to provide a little extra pressure or even a second hand to guide the arch to get the floss into a gap between the teeth. The extra control provided by the design of the "Question Mark Flosser" frees you to floss your teeth in a record time!

Patent Number: patent application is 11/143,504
Invention Status: Patent Pending