The Stain-removing Machine

• The stain-remover machine, with the innovative wash by flow system, consists of two pipes that fit around the piece of clothing. The fabric is cleaned when liquid flows between the pipes. •It washes and dries quickly It leaves no trace of the stain Admits any kind of detergent. • It is especially recommended for recent stains for a faster wash and dry. When acting over recent stains, we give no time to the stain to dry; otherwise it would make it more difficult to wash afterwards. The Stain-remover Machine as a small appliance • An attachment can be used to wash individual items of clothing. • The system can be adapted for washing delicate garments without causing wrinkles. The stain-remover machine can be manufactured as a small appliance or an industrial washing machine. The Stain-remover machine in dry cleaning

The Stain-remover machine as industrial washing Machine With this invention, we can make washing machines of any size and shape. For example, this can be useful for washing carpets and curtains.

This is a very versatile model, improvable, and admits innovations and technical improvements.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: Pub. No.: WO/2008/152168
Invention Status: Pat. pend. UE: WO/2008/152168

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