Tonerbelt - Walk n' Burn

For my fellow inventors:


The present invention relates to a resistance type exercise device that uses frictional forces between members to provide resistance for a variety of different exercises. In operation, when a pull cord is withdrawn from the exercise device, a cord wheel converts the translational movement to rotational motion. A brake lever contacting a brake drum fixedly attached to the cord wheel provides a friction resistive force to the rotational motion. A recoil cord causes the recoil cord to stretch and wrap around a bearing lug, placing the recoil cord in tension. The potential energy stored in the tensioned recoil cord is used to rewind the cord wheel and restore the pull cord back to its at rest position.

It allows people from all levels to start a cardio workout from beginners to advanced levels. You can start from the comfort of your couch and move to standing position for a full body workout. When you combine this with a routine walk and engage your arms you will burn more calories.

It's a great low impact exercise product to get started with for you or a friend. Own a piece of the American inventor show and oder one for $19.95 at

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6770014
Invention Status: patented/manufactured/licensed/DRTV informercial/retail global

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Feb 11, 2010
by Anonymous


worthless piece of can do the same work with light dummbells...