The Tote Tray

The Tote Tray is the answer to the tailgater's delimma... Most tailgaters have portable folding chairs that are typically a necessity at any tailgating, sports event, or family get-together. However, it is very common to find a tailgater trying to balance a plate of food on his lap while eating, and hoping he doesn't make a mess of things in the process (easier said than done).

The Tote Tray provides a quick, simple, and portable solution to this problem. Each tray comes ready to assemble with the twist of two thumbscrews. The assembled Tote Tray is then easily secured to your portable chair in two places. Additionally, for those chairs that don't have cupholders, or for those who want the added stability, the Tote Tray comes with an attachable cupholder that quickly and easily attaches and detaches to the tray with the twist of a thumbscrew.

The Tote Tray works on both adult and child-size chairs. When you're ready to leave, the Tote Tray disassembles in seconds to store in the handy zippered bag.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Looking to license for mass production

Keywords: portable collapsible folding chair camping camp rv tailgate tray cookout
Nov 13, 2008
by Anonymous


looks like a cookie sheet on a pole to me...

May 20, 2012
by Anonymous

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