The Trickle Ring

The Trickle Ring is a multi-purpose irrigation ring that attaches to a garden hose to efficiently water young trees, shrubs, vegetables, or flower beds using drip or trickle irrigation. It directs water to the root perimeter of the plant to give them a good start during the first two growing seasons or through periods of drought. By adjusting the flow of water to match the rate of soil absorption, water is conserved by eliminating wasteful run-off and evaporation from spraying. The ring is flexible enough to be spread around larger trunks or multi-stemmed plants yet returns to a circular shape. One Trickle Ring can be easi;ly moved from plant to plant around the yard OR a simple irrigation network using "Y" connectors and garden hoses can be constructed to water dozens of plants. Adjustable flow "Y" connectors allows a user to regulate the flow of water to each individual plant accordint to its size and needs.

Trickle Rings may also be used as high-pressure spraying fountains to water larger planting beds AND they make a wonderful spray toy for children to cool off in!

Sturdy, versatile, low-profile, inexpensive, and Made in America!

Invention Status: Available for Purchase on Web Site

Keywords: irrigation drip trickle watering garden drought landscape hose sprinkler vegetable hose
Jul 11, 2008
by Anonymous

good job

This is a great idea.
My grandparents have a tree nursery and are always looking for ways of effectively watering the trees, and this product could be the answer.

Dec 5, 2009
by Anonymous


Just brilliant. The simplest ideas are the best!