TTI-Blakemore "Rod Floaters" : Fishing Rod Floater

The fishing "Rod Floater", manufactured and marketed by TTI-Blakemore Corporation, is a life-vest for fishing rod combos, that offers peace-of-mind, by making your fishing rod combos flotable. Easily attached just above your rod handle via velcro straps, the Rod Floater is featherweight and does not interfere with the fishing line or function of the rod or reel. Even used by Pro Fishing Guide Services, the Rod Floater will keep rods that fall overboard, afloat, so that they can be easily retrieved. At less than $10.00 per pack of three, Rod Floaters cost fishermen, less than $3.50 per rod combo, to protect them from sinking. Fishing rod combos do not come cheap and the sentimental value of a favorite fishing combo can be irreplaceable. Rod Floaters are like having insurance for your fishing rod combos!

James M. Lowrance & Co-inventor Johnny W. Hall
Bass Pro Shops
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Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: Des 327,726 (now a registered trademark)

Keywords: fishing rod flotation, rod floater, float rod combos