Twister Tube - Novelty Item

The Twister Tube stands 15" tall with a polished glass tube, sleek black base, and water resistant lid. When filled with distilled water and our special Twister Solution™, and powered on, a motor silently springs to life and begins turning the water. In seconds, a miniature tornado forms, drops down, and finally hovers just above the custom Twister Bar™. Although this is more commonly referred to as a water vortex, it looks and acts eerily like a real tornado including the "cloud deck".

There are other products on the market, however they are all either simple water vortex machines or colored beads. AFAIK, our product is the only one of its kind that creates a realistic approximation of an actual tornado.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Available for purchase on Website

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Dec 17, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Wow!!! That is cool!! Good

Wow!!! That is cool!! Good product!! Nice Job!!

Dec 18, 2007
by TwisterGuy
TwisterGuy's picture

Thank you!

I'm really glad you like it.

Jul 21, 2008
by Anonymous

:( I Can't get the product from the website

I need some help.

Feb 24, 2009
by Akash Lackhan

how much is it

how much is it

May 26, 2009
by Anonymous


the site closed down because of manufacturing issues.... There is a new one coming soon...

Jul 29, 2009
by Anonymous


I really would like to receive some information about when I'll be able to request the new Twister Tube.


Nov 1, 2009
by Anonymous

I Want One, How Much and

I Want One, How Much and When?

Dec 21, 2009
by Anonymous

contact me when there available

I'd love to have one to put in our booth for the 2010 chevy volt at SEMA contact me at when ones available.

Feb 27, 2010
by Anonymous

I really want to buy one for my son

I really want to buy one of these for my son. I saw another comment saying the site was closed but should be up again soon but that was posted in may 2009. Does anyone know how I could get one??? please email me at

Mar 12, 2010
by Anonymous

Coming soon

Still hear they will be coming out with a new Twister Tube soon. Please keep checking back here..

Mar 16, 2010
by Anonymous

tornado water

who's making it
and how to buy it ?

Mar 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Twister Tube

Should be availabe in the next serveral months by another company, not Cyclotek. You hopefully be able to get it via web site or a local retailer. Will post as soon as I get more info on it.

Apr 9, 2010
by Anonymous

twister tube

Quisiera saber cuanto cuesta? En donde lo compro? gracias

May 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Twister Tube

Does anyone have updated information on this product's availability?

May 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Twister Tube

Keep checking back here as I will post exact details of when and where you can buy a Twister Tube. We are looking to bring the the product out on the market soon and are currently looking for distributers to work with.

Anyone that is interested in buying one in the near future, can send me an email at ( and I will reply to once we have all the details. You can also go to and check out the flash video of the unit as well as leave us a message there.

Thanks for everyone's patience on this. We are very exited about the product and would like everyone to enjoy one of their very own unit really soon.


Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

What's so special about the Twister Solution?

I'm just curious, what's in the special Twister Solution besides fluorescent dye? I like it, don't get me wrong, but I'm also amused at the prospect of having a large motorized version of the little 'manually operated' water vortex thingies I could get at kitschy souvenir shops fifteen years ago. Nice burst of nostalgia there. If I had the money, I'd get one. It could be the next Powerful Man's Status Object, Twister-in-a-Bottle; maybe you could make variations on the housing to match various office decor?. The black is nice and space-agey, but I don't think it would be well-suited to those people with offices done all in hand-carved oak. Make a smaller one with brighter housing colors and it could be the next lava lamp for college kids.

I'd be interested in getting a professional tornado-based scientist to see how accurate this thing is. And another question, do you plug it in or does it run on batteries? I didn't see that specified anywhere so I'm assuming it plugs in.

Jul 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback

I cannot tell you what's in the Twister Solution but I can tell you that it's not a fluorescent dye.

The unit is plugged into an outlet.

Aug 3, 2010
by Anonymous


I'm almost positive I could stare at a Twister Tube for hours while being completely amused by it the whole time. Hope to get my hands on one or two soon.

I would want to make a custom case and put it in my fish tank...everyone stares at the tank already, why not give the fish something to stare at! lol

Aug 3, 2010
by Anonymous

This is awesome!

Please PLEASE! Have good news for us soon! I would love to own a couple of these!

Aug 4, 2010
by Anonymous

Me Too!

Keep us posted on when these will be back out. I definately want one as well. Will go great next to my Lava Lamps!

Aug 4, 2010
by Anonymous

Where to buy?

Realy cool!
Where can i buy such a lamp?
Shipping to Germany possible ?

Aug 4, 2010
by Anonymous

I want one too!

Yes please let us know when and where we can buy this thing. I love the "lightning" feature I saw in the video. It's a great product for everyone because the end user adds distilled water. That means less money to be spent on shipping, less worry of damage/leaks during shipping and it allows anyone to "refresh" the device if anything goes wrong.

Hell yeah! I signed up via your email. Again - keep us updated and let us know. I will be buying one if they are released and reasonable in terms of cost.

Good job!

Aug 24, 2010
by Anonymous

is the Twister Tube a lost cause?

Are we wasting our time with emails and requests regarding the twister tube? I've emailed everyone I could think of associated with the Twister Tube and I have received no responses back. I know of a lava lamp community of 3,000 members that would kill for one of these. So if this isn't going to happen let us know so we can move on :(

Sep 5, 2010
by Anonymous

It's a scam - just found out

It's a scam, they have no intention of producing these.

Sep 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Not a Scam

Twister Tube will be available for purchase before the end of the year. If you are interested in having your own Twister Tube, go to their “contact us” section on their website and complete the form. I was told that I would receive an email before the launch date to make an advanced purchase.

Sep 28, 2010
by Anonymous

Twister tube

We manufacture much larger units (The Vortex), but would like to offer smaller
units to my customers. Can you supply my needs.

Thank you

Sep 30, 2010
by Anonymous

prove it lol

I already emailed them a few times with no response.

Oct 2, 2010
by Anonymous

My Email

Feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions.


Client Relations Manager
Twister Tube

Oct 12, 2010
by Anonymous


Hi all ,
I have been in talks with Zubin (Manager TwisterTube) now for nearly 10 months now on the TwisterTube , and i confirm there will be a TwisterTube coming soon, as i hope to be working with them on Distribution Across Europe / UK

Products Uk Ltd

Steve Capon
Managing Director

Nov 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Power draw

Are you able to give out the info on how much power it will draw? You mention it's 12v DC but what is the amperage? I am trying to calculate how much this will add to the power bill if ran 24/7. Guessing around 1amp so under 3$ per month, or am I far off? Thanks. Product looks great, I'd buy one if the price was right.