Twister Tube - Novelty Item

The Twister Tube stands 15" tall with a polished glass tube, sleek black base, and water resistant lid. When filled with distilled water and our special Twister Solution™, and powered on, a motor silently springs to life and begins turning the water. In seconds, a miniature tornado forms, drops down, and finally hovers just above the custom Twister Bar™. Although this is more commonly referred to as a water vortex, it looks and acts eerily like a real tornado including the "cloud deck".

There are other products on the market, however they are all either simple water vortex machines or colored beads. AFAIK, our product is the only one of its kind that creates a realistic approximation of an actual tornado.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Available for purchase on Website

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Dec 20, 2010
by Anonymous

dang man

where can i get a twister tube

Jun 7, 2011
by Anonymous

27' inch Twister Tube

Pre-Order at

Can a 27' inch Twister Tube be made???

Aug 29, 2011
by Anonymous

its a scam

dont buy it its a scam i live 25 miles away from where they ship and its been a week and a half... still havent got mine

Sep 6, 2011
by Anonymous


Did u get your unit yet? If
not, were u charged for it? Or get a refund?

Sep 10, 2011
by Anonymous


i never got my product but i did get a full refund

Oct 1, 2011
by Anonymous

possibly a scam

I believe this is a scam too or just some horrendous customer service.

I just happened to visit the site one day when I was surprised that I can finally order one. So, I ordered the product on 9/12, and on 9/19 I was contacted and told they have oversold and cannot fulfill my order at this time and will issue a full refund to my card.

Since i really wanted the item I then asked how often do you get them in, and was informed that they only do 1 run a year... and that they would call or email when they get them in.

Well it has been over 12 days and I still have no credit back to my account... I have sent an additonal couple of emails requesting they make sure they credited me, and nothing. I have already contacted my card company.

such a shame ... a really cool looking product that I been wanting since i first heard about it back in 07

Oct 4, 2011
by Anonymous

not a scam, butthead!

Your claims are totally irrational and unfounded. Just call and talk to them. They are nice cool people trying to make this thing take off but dealing with the growing pains of a new biz and the manufacturing issues which can arise with any new product entering the market. It may take some time.

Oct 22, 2011
by Anonymous

Poor Company

Sorry, but I agree that their customer service leaves a bit to be desired. Pre-ordered soon after they were available and contacted them when I never received their product. I did get a full refund, but its about principle. How much interest did they make on my money as it sat in their hands for several months? Even a penny is too much.

Another buddy got a full refund too. How hard is it to forecast how many units you will be able to produce and cut off pre-orders when that number has been met? How about some transparency? They initially had it on their site by offering a ticker on when they would be available. They took the ticker down.

So a simple check reimbursing me for the monies I paid. No explanation on what caused them to be unable to fulfill their orders? No commitment to me to say you are #X in line for the next batch we produce? Nope - just a refund of the monies I spent.

Now imagine they pre-sold 5000 and only produced 500. The interest that they made off the 4500 who didn't get the goods could be sizable. Go to a bank if you need a loan. Don't oversell something you can't deliver.

Oct 25, 2011
by Anonymous


Good comment above.. but... I dont think anyone got a unit. They probably kept money from whoever didt bother to complain yet.

Oct 31, 2011
by Anonymous

has anyone gotten there twister tube?

has anyone gotten there twister tube? is it even a real product?

Nov 9, 2011
by Anonymous

I have not received mine

I ordered mine on November 4th, i got an order number, but i have not received a tracking number or even an email saying it has been shipped. I wrote an email and called them, both have gone unanswered, also if you look on the website when you leave a comment it does not appear there, its kind of odd that on this site there is a lot of negative things being said about them but on their site it is really just positive comments shown.

Dec 8, 2011
by Anonymous

I placed an order on October 13, 11 No personal reply!

Originally I placed a Twister Tube order on Zubin's website: in Sept. 2011. I received an email receipt with confirmation number, but no Twister Tube! I called their number several times after a week. No reply. I emailed the Zubin email address posted on their site. He replied letting me know he was sorry that the website did not update letting people know they are not selling Twister Tube at this time since they are now out of stock, and will let me know in the future when they will continue, and a refund of $79.56 will be given. Then I went to the website again to see if they blocked being able to make another transaction. It was blocked. I waited until Oct. 2011 to try their site again. Suddenly I found their site was unblocked. So I placed an order again. After placing my order on Oct. 13,11, again I received an email with confirmation number, and no followup. I waited 2 weeks to contact Zubin. He did not reply at all!!! The amount of $79.56 was taken out of my account as it was before. I called and emailed Zubin many times to ask about a delivery date. No one, and I mean one replied!!! My error was that I thought since their website was active again, it must be okay to order. It was not okay to order! I learned my lesson! It's the case of the site that cried wolf! When they really are up and running, those that have been burned will not trust them again! BEWARE!!!! They don't seem to give your money back like they did me back in Sept. 2011. I had to contact my bank to go after them. Supposedly Zubin's company is in Illinois USA, yet they are not responding like a reputable business should do. Yes the mini magnetic spinning, distilled water fluid filled tube called, Twister Tube is/was a real item. I saw it on Youtube being (supposedly unboxed by actors/the owners of the company/actual customers...not sure which. In looking at the item, it was/is an interesting and colorful creation. BUT Zubin is slowly wrecking his reputation by having an autoplay website, autogiving receipts, autotaking of the money, and doing absolutely nothing to answer his callers or his emails! Maybe the only thing that's not autopilot is taking the money? Since it's so hard to get the money back this time, maybe it's intentionally being kept? One only wonders. I wrote this to help others avoid the pitfall. Be careful!!!!

Dec 28, 2011
by Anonymous

Scam or terrible customer service

I too placed an order and never received the product. I have called and emailed several times with no response. My next action is filing credit card fraud against company, etc. This may be a legitimate company, but they have terrible business practices. My recommendation is don't bother. Too bad, because it is a cool product.

Dec 28, 2011
by Anonymous

Twister Tube Lawsuit


I too have been taken for my money by the owner of Twister Tube.

I have actually have begun preparing a lawsuit against the company and will begin going after Zubin very shortly.

It would be great if I can get names and contacts of individuals that have had their money taken and not refunded by Zubin. The more plaintiffs against him the better chances we will have of getting justice.

Please send me your name and contact email/number and I will forward this information to my attorney. Not sure how long the process will take but hopefully it will go quicker than I expect.

In case anyone is wondering, I have been able to dig up some details regarding Twister Tube the company and will be more than happy to share this information for anyone that may need it. ;-)

Thanks and looking forwared to hearing from you all.

-Stan D.

Jan 1, 2012
by Anonymous

Epic Failure

I was told that i would get my money back along with the product at the begining on september but now its january 2012! REALLY cmon WHERES THE DAMN PRODUCT all i got was my money!

Jan 25, 2012
by Anonymous

Wanting a refund or lamp

I to purchased a lamp back in early Nov. Haven't recieved a lamp but credit card has been charged. Have emailed and called plenty of times and no reply or call backs. Just wanting the lamp or a refund!!! Stan D will be contacting you soon if I have not heard anything from Twister Tube with in the week.

Mar 1, 2012
by Anonymous

I give up

My order from Nov 17 2011 has still not arrived. I got an email from them in January that they are delayed and that I will receive 2 units. But it's March 2012 now? How long can it take? The money is already taken from the CC. If this is not a scam, it's definitely an extreemly mismanaged company.

Mar 22, 2012
by Anonymous


Anybody know of a cool alternative? Clearly these guys don't plan on selling them or producing them.

Mar 26, 2012
by Anonymous

RE: Alternative?

a lava lamp?

Apr 19, 2012
by Anonymous

What is the deal

Anybody know what is going on with Twister Tube. I ordered back in Nov 2011 and haven't gotten anything no email no return phone call or anything oh yeah but they do have my money!!

Apr 27, 2012
by Anonymous

this product is unfinished

and it will never be... I bought one before, years ago when it was being sold by Cyclotek. i was actually able to get my money back from them. Basically, the unit leaks, it is not repairable. This is probably why no one is getting their unit.

May 4, 2012
by Anonymous

Company sucks

I ordered back in november and still have not recieved one thing only an email saying they are being sold again in april.

Jun 27, 2012
by Anonymous

Major technical issue with the product

The reality is that there are some major techical issues with the product and it cannot be produced problem free.

If you give your money to them than you will most likely loose it. They are selling a product that virtually doesnt exist, other than the protypes that have been floating around in the form of you tube vidoes.

Move on people...