UltraProjector - Weather Resistant Video Projector

Simple, weather-proof, stand-alone video projector (no pc or video source needed - video player built-in). 

Not for watching HD movies!

Great for holiday projection, outdoor advertising,  party projection, etc.

 The UltraProjector Model 100 is the first video projector designed from the ground up as a weather-proof, stand-alone projector. It was NOT designed for the board room or for watching high-def movies... It IS perfect for use in indoor or outdoor situations where an inexpensive, low power, silent projector is needed with no user interaction and no PC required.  The UltraProjector Model 100 is simple - Just connect via USB to a PC, drag and drop your videos in the order you want them played, unplug and your ready to go.  To project, simply plug in to the nearest AC power outlet.  Your videos start playing in the order you copied them and continuously repeat until powered off.  No interaction is needed - there are no buttons on the projector!



Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Production

Keywords: LED projector, outdoor projector, holiday projector, halloween projector, christmas projector