Universal Artificial Intelligence Software Program

The universal artificial intelligence program is an AI software that can be applied to all machines. It can drive a car from one place to the next in the safest and quickest way possible. It will obey all traffic laws and regulations. "Zero" car accidents is the key. Not only can the software be used on cars, but things like trucks, lawnmowers, airplanes, houses, and even toaster ovens.
Invention Status: got a prototype model

Keywords: human robot, universal ai, coputer, software
Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Sure, you can program it to

Sure, you can program it to obey laws, but what if it has to go where the GPS hasn't been updated? How does it know what color a traffic light is? Is your technology really so advanced that it can interpret what an object is in front of it and decide whether it's a good driver or a drunken moron about to slam into the car, and if so, can it react? And does it pass the Turing test?

I read your little mission-statement thing on the website. And I have to ask, even if this intelligence is programmed to obey traffic laws and regulations, do I really want my car to be driven by the same software that learns by playing Gran Turismo?

My final question to the inventor: if your software is 'alive' and can feel and emote, then ask it how it feels about being invented. I'm curious to see if it suffers the dilemma between 'created thing' and 'free will'. And now I feel the urge to watch Bicentennial Man.

Nov 11, 2010
by Anonymous


I think there are many models/algorithms that can emulate/simulate human intelligence, but to unite all these into one standard algorithm this I can't imagine, the conscience is a very tricky aspect of human intelligence and highly varies in logical construction from one person to another. Also to simulate the evolutinary cortex for example would at best result in potentially devastating results once implemented in physically capable machines/robots, which is inevitable to do as a part of the testing/progress assessment of the algorithm, I'm not saying for a second that I discourage research in the topic, on the contrary, this kind of research may be part of the human evolution (we can all notice the planet is in a sad and stupid phase right now were mankind is systematically annihilating the entire planet and killing each other for no reasons other than stupidity) all I'm saying is morality and ethics have to be specially considered and extreme caution taken while developing subsequence technologies like the ones suggested (ones that will directly impact human lives/or deaths!!)

Sherif Nabil, computer science researcher and programmer.