The Walker Rapid Wash System

The Walker Rapid Wash System is a revolutionary all-in-one car/ rim wash system complete with a dryer brush powered by a hand held battery powered drill. Our unique car wash system reduces work and time needed to wash and dry your car and rims with no need to change attachments.

The Walker Rapid Wash System

1.Rim Washer & Polisher Spinning

2.Car Washer, Dryer, & Waxer Spinning

3.Extendable Nozzle

4.Power Drill

5.Removable Soap Dispenser

6.Water Hose

7.Oval Handle

8.Soap On/Off Button

9.Rim, Car, Nozzl

10.Water On/Off Button


The Walker Wash features an all-new design in a car wash brush; it will be the first car wash brush to feature stacked brushes powered by a power drill. There are 3 different types of the Walker Wash brushes, home version, detail shop version and self-serve car wash.

FIG. 1 is the home version that will also double as the detail shop version. All units will be made out of high impact plastic making it light weight yet durable.

The "Walker Wash" will feature a spinning cone (5 x 7) with a hole in the middle to allow water to enter and be channeled through the center of the cone. This medium bristled cone brush will be for cleaning deep inside the rim and lip of the rim at the same time.

The car washing part of the brush will be directly under the spinning cone brush (5 x 11) and feature 3, 4" spinning heads. These spinning heads have 3; 1 inch holes in the center to allow water and soap to flow into the center of the brush head.

A metal shaft will run down the center of the pole connecting to a converter box, this will allow the power supply to work either the washing head or rim head. The power drill will supply the power to clean the dirtiest trucks or cars.

A water hose will insert in front the drill and run through the center of the pole under the metal drive shaft supplying water to the cone head, car wash head and the nozzle in front of the brush. A bell cover will go over the "Walker Wash" hose connector and the customer's water hose to channel water down the pipe if the user has a leaky hose.

Soap will be dispensed through an unscrew-able dispenser attached to the pipe and water supply 5 inches before the head unit.

A handle is placed in the center of the pole, along with two-rubber grip at both ends of the pole for added use.

After you've washed your car simply detach the car/ rim brush head, connect the car dryer and rim dryer head to quickly dry car the car leaving no streaks.


Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: prototype in development

Keywords: rim cleaner washer, car washer, car dryer, rim dryer, power drill
May 21, 2010

J Walker Business

J Walker Business Development LLC

May 21, 2010

J Walker Business

J Walker Business Development LLC

May 27, 2010
by Anonymous

seems like a great product

this seems like a great product.. do u have a video