The Walk-O-Long

The Ultimate Training Wheels for Kids. The multiple award-winning Walk-O-Long will Eliminate back strain and injuries while teaching toddlers to walk by using the physician endorsed Walk-O-Long. Wrap the sturdy, cushy tube around your child’s chest and under the arms, secure the safety latch and adjust for fit. The Walk-O-Long gives little ones trust, self-confidence, helps them achieve balance, coordination, motor skills and provides safety. It is ideal for that first hike, going down a slide for the first time, by the waters edge, learning to roller/ice skate, learning to bike ride, rehabilitation, for children with special needs and many more. Injuries that commonly occur when adults accidentally pull a child’s arm or wrist too hard and pops it out of the socket are eliminated with the Walk-O-Long. The Walk-O-Long is the Safest child learning device on the market today. Within months of its public debut in March 2005, The Walk-O-Long tm has already wowed children, parents, doctors, physical therapists and many others with its amazing ergonomically design and abilities.
Patent Number: patent pending number 11/033671
Invention Status: Patent pending

Keywords: Walk-O-Long, supportive learning device, child safety support