Wellness Travel Pak : Pill Storage Container

Wellness Travel Pak™ -

This innovative and time-saving vitamin/medication delivery system is unlike any other and it will make a consumer’s daily intake regimen both simple and reliable. Other products such as the common "pill box" have a negative association to illness. The Wellness Travel Pak™ brings a positive approach to managing a healthy lifestyle!

Contemporary design – Fashionable and Sporty – promotes a positive image of wellness! Keeps vitamins and medications organized – regardless of tablet/pill size.

Easy to use and adjust to size from one day to 2 weeks or longer Internal Slider zip allows for all sizes of vitamins/supplement/medications .

Replaceable, see-through slider zip bags can hold all sizes of vitamins/supplements/medication and allows for easy identification.

Customizable labels – handwritten or use online template to print labels Fits nicely into a briefcase, purse, backpack or travel bag TSA/Airport security friendly (due to recent FAA “carry-on content” regulations.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Launched March 2008

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