Window Washing System

Window Washing System is looking for partnerships to launch its North-American operations. The funds will be used to market the product to both Commercial and Residential markets. This will allow the management team to install a small assembly line in NY to fulfill US orders. An administrative (and sales) office is being installed in (Québec – Eastern Canada).

Product Concept Overview

The concept of "window washing system" is a system that clean exterior surfaces of windows in multistory commercial structures.It would consist of a transverse-oriented squeegee assembly that would include a metal housing and rubber wiper element. Its outer end would be pivotally attached to spring-loaded brackets that would, in turn, be linked to vertically oriented cables.These cable would be linked via a system of axle-mounted pulleys to a electric motor.The upper end of the unit would be equipped with a system that spray liquid cleaning agent on the outer surface of the window.Operation could be regulated via a simple on/off switch that would be mounted in the interior of the building in question.

I was a guest on StartUpNation Radio, August 2006. Six brave entrepreneurs demonstrated their inventions, new products, and companies on StartUpNation Radio. I was one of them. Please visit the URL's below to learn about my Invention: "An Automatic Window Washing Machine." U.S.Patent 6,986,186

The prototype in action on video but this prototype is not the final product we are working on it at the moment for smaller motor and to make the real machine with no noise. This is just to show that it's working good and to make poeple understand the fonction of this invention. The durability and the fesability! make real profit!

Here is a large-scale project and who could likely come number one leader! Imagine your selves! Sat(based) on your sofa and look your windows clean themselves . Eh! Yes, only by pressing on your switch one / off or a remote control. Whether it is for a building, a skyscraper, an airport, a signboard(banner) of freeway and I pass some example... We found a solution which reduces a considerable number of accidents, time(weather) and money. I invented one automatic window-washing ; In 10 seconds your windows shine with cleanliness. I am in search of investors or of serious partner. How many computer per house? And, How many windows per house? I think that the answer is phenomenal. I have a product which is going to revolutionize the business world window cleaning! We will sale licenced territory to all the resellers ! We will sale extra warranty service after sales ! We will sale licenced territory for the installator ! We will build a completly new market with a high volume of profit !

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Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6,986,186
Invention Status: Patented, looking for partners

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Nov 18, 2009
by devvon

window washing

i developed sort of the same thing u did but without the motors and pulleys and what not.(non electrical) how much would your device cost for each window that had 2 b set up?lets say i have 400 windows in my building what would the cost b? it makes me happy 2 c people thinking along the same line as myself, u have a very good idea, but to complicated and expensive. imagine what the electrician would charge me for 400 windows let alone the cost  for your device.can u plz email me land let me know what it would cost for 400windows approx 4ft by 6ft"just a ball park figure plz  thx..

Dec 10, 2011
by Anonymous

window washing

Not expensive and i can assure you that you just plug the system like you plug a tv. and calculated that my system can clean your window everyday in couple second for 20 year 365 day per year divised by the cost of 400$ per window the cost come in form of penny for 20 year for a system that secure the job well done and faster and with a frequency that no other can do.It give you the opportunity to have your building tenant having there window clean everyday plus no trouble to do the job risky any more.